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Daman Dev Sood

I am a Professor of Practice (Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh), Multiple BCI Awards winner (Continuity & Resilience Contributor India and South Asia, Global winner 2021, Continuity & Resilience Contributor Middle East 2020- and Global Finalist, Merit Award Global 2012, Business Continuity Manager India 2009), DRII Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist (2021, 2022, 2024), ILAs’ Global Outstanding Leadership Award 2021, I am ex- BCM Head of Steria UK. I remained a BCI Approved Instructor since 2012 (for over 10 years) and am a member of the BCI’s Speakers Bureau. I teach and consult in BCM (NCEMA 7000/ ISO 22301) and related domains. I have served a lot of Govt sector customers, and also those in Energy/ Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, IT, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile, Pharma, Real Estate, Marine, Trading, Telecom, Aviation, Media, Power etc. I am Qualified Independent Director (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India scheme).

I hold over 38 and over 18 years’ experience in the industry and the Resilience domains, respectively. I hold a mix of experience as Practitioner, Trainer, Consultant, Auditor, and Assessor. I have authored and published 8 books (available globally).

I have held many executive level posts like Vice President, CIO, COO, Practice Head, Board Member, Program Director, Professor of Practice, Training Consultant etc. I have had experience of budget management, goal setting, performance monitoring, generating new ideas, and taking initiatives.

 I am the Director of my OPC (one person company).

I look forward to helping my  clients impact more lives and create greater profits, with my top 10 skills:

  1. Open mind to learning forever (which includes sharing as well).

  2. Emotionally strong (for which physical strength matters a lot).

  3. Communication (two way) – I have recently attempted practicing non-violent communication.

  4. Reasonable and practicable.

  5. Care for people.

  6. Being decisive (take a decision and own it).

  7. Celebrating success (every little matters).

  8. Taking Initiative and being Innovative (every little matters). 

  9. Possibility thinker (I picked this up from Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do! – but difficult to practice).

  10. Honesty/ Integrity (may mean two different words – just combining to stay within 10).

I am a Fellow of BCI, a Fellow of BCS, ex Member of AIMA, Life Member of CSI. I do multiple activities with IEEE:

a) Chair PR & P Standing Committee

b) Ambassador in India

c) Senior Member

d) Execom Member Delhi Section

e) Past Chair - CS Chapter, Delhi Section

f) Member Champion – India MOVE Partner Relations Committee 

I am a movie maker on social casuses.

I am associated with multiple entities to mentor the beginners and the experienced ones:

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