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Recent clients:

a) TRANSCO (on behalf of Gorisco/ Paramount)

b) Neuland (in association with Udbhata)

c) Bajaj Allianz

d) ISACA Bengaluru Chapter

e) EliteCISOs


g) Pharma (confidential)

h) BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Limited) 

i) Udbhata Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

j) Bridgestone India Private Limited

k) EY


m) Wipro

n) SBI Life Insurance Company (on behalf of Confidis Advisory Services)

More available on request

The following courses are readily available (all designed, developed, and delivered by me):

a) 3 days Delivering Excellence Specialist (CPD Certified)

b) 3 days Resiliency Testing Specialist (CPD Certified)

c) 3 days Organisational Resilience Specialist (copyrighted)

d) 1 day Organisational Resilience Professional (copyrighted)

e) 1 day Risk Management Professional (copyrighted)

f) 1 day Design, Develop, an Deliver BCM Test (copyrighted)

g) 1 day Possibility Thinking (based on Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do) (copyrighted)

h) Daman's Thermometer (copyrighted)

i) 2 days Practical BIA (copyrighted)

j) 1 day Team Work & Art of Handling Questions (copyrighted)

k) 3 days Risk Management Specialist (copyrighted)

More coming up..

I can deliver any courses in the domains that I deal with.


My NPS score is 100% (The creator of the NPS metric, Bain & Company, say that although an NPS score above 0 is good, above 20 is great, and above 50 is amazing!)


1. “Having personally attended it myself, can assure it is a unique, practical, and no-nonsense workshop, filled with Daman's practical experience of decades in this field, with the potential to offer up to 24 CPE credits to the delegates.”

Anand Sampath, MD&CEO Udbhata Technologies


1. It was a nice engaging workshop over the weekend. Enjoyed it thoroughly!


2. Good Deep Dive session, I appreciate the presenter's knowledge.

3. Thanks for an enlightening session by Daman.


1. The program was interactive, engaging and exercise intensive.  Very practical. Highly energetic, practical and wonderful coach.  Knowledge is from experience and value of the highest kind.  Excellent coaching, articulation and narration.  Wonderful examples.  Every Continuity Professional must undergo training for this course as an Additional Qualification.

Harsha Sastry, MBCP, Global Biz Continuity & DR, Org Resilience Enthusiast, Industry  Expert and Commentator

2. Given OR is still an evolving domain, Daman sir has given this courseware an excellent form to help participant gain acquaintance to the subject and its core objectives. His ability to transition from a trainer to practitioner and also an auditor to help participants obtain conceptual clarity as well as practical nuances is commendable. Exercises introduced throughout the course are clear value additions to me. Daman sir’ command on domain is unparalleled, his ability to get into the shoes of the participant and explain concepts in the most simple ways is which made a relatively new concept look so simple and relatable.

Manish Walia

VP-Resilience Program, Global Banking Corporation

3. I participated in the last Organisational Resilience course conducted by Daman Sood. He presents a holistic perspective going beyond the traditional BCM approach. This broadening of approach was never more relevant than today with what Covid has done to the world. It can help businesses look at not only surviving but also thriving in this uncertain world. Using a refined analysis framework and bringing into play the hitherto ignored parts of environment and using a heavy mix of exercises and experiential learning, the course is quite impactful.

Dr. Anil Kumar Chawla, Fellow - IIM Ahmedabad

Data Privacy Expert. HR Veteran. Management Consultant. Author.

4. I very much enjoyed your training session! Your creativity and versatility really brings the topic of resilience to students minds! Also the collaboration part of internal discussions is great tool!

Michael Botnik

CEO & Founder & Lecturer & Cyber Expert, Integrity Consulting and Risk Management, Israel

  • Never believed that that ISO discussions could be so exciting.

  • The case study-based exercises were exciting, and the use of technology (breakout rooms, group management, group exercises) was superb.

  • New and meaningful journey.

  • It contained all that one could expect in a good session – courseware, design, delivery, examples, exercises, feedback, technology etc.

  • This helped us to understand how Organisational Resilience will strengthen our backbone.

  • Engaging, changed our view.

  • This training gave us food for thought.

  • Case study and examples made us think.

  • Great learning session.

  • Reflective, times spent well.

  • Fantastic training enjoyed a lot.

  • Wonderful session, relevant to our business.

  • Amazing, engaging, and collaborative sessions.

  • Live/ real cases/ examples narrated by the trainer were the strength.

  • Interesting, insightful, engaging day.


  • Great learning session

  • Amazing, excellent, interesting way of delivery

  • Liked going through the standard in real time

  • Very interactive

  • Great experience

  • Exercises provided the opportunity to think through

  • Real/ live examples were the strength

  • Navigation with standard was the key learning

  • Your anecdotes were great

  • Provided new perspective and understanding even to experienced people

  • You managed the batch (mix of beginners and experts) very well

  • Could relate to my real business

  • Great, insightful training – will be very helpful to me

  • All doubts cleared

  • Team will now be able to face the challenges from the users





  • Added value – connects me with my test

  • Best training workshop I have attended

  • Examples were eye opener

  • Better insights, very impactful

  • You covered minute details of BC Test which we could have never imagined

  • Very good examples and explanation

  • Wonderful course, live/ real life cases

  • Great impactful training

  • Great insights to BC Test

  • We could see so many improvements in our BC Testing

  • Discussions on BC Test Plan and Budget were eye opener



1. What did you think and what did you find in the course?


The course helped me to find the ways to become a positive person and definitely it will support me in my daily life too.

 It's been a wonderful experience and memory.

Possibilities and Positive Attitude approach to practice in life

The course was very well designed on new possibility thinking, interactive with exercises to make it more meaningful, easy to understand the concepts.


2. What value did you receive from the course?


It was a course I would like to retain the content throughout my life. The course was designed well. The exercises were designed according to the course content.

Gratitude, Humility and Thankfulness Attitude of Risk Taking

A new thought process on leadership qualities and how to manage the crisis situations effectively.


3. What are major take ways for you form the course?


The course helped me to alter my thinking to see positives and provide my contribution to society, even a smile is enough.

Never say no to failure, Keep trying, differently and never give up.

Possibility thinking provides a new way of positive thinking to empowers us and motivates us to move forward in life.

4. Your overall satisfaction level with the content, design, and delivery of the course?


I would give 9/10 for the course. It would be better to take the course physically.

Very Good

Very Good


5. Will you recommend others also to attend this course?


Yes of course. I do think this course should be conducted on weekends to enable the participants to devote full time.



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